Performance Modeling Club
Northwest Washington

Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2017


In Attendance:
[Our group assembled early again].
Frank B., Michael F., Lary G., Virgil H., Lucas H., Patrick & Ann H., Alan I., David K., Gary P.,
Jody & Bill S., Joe D., & Suzy T.

  • Joe D, (new member) brought in a bunch of kits to sell and give away, he also bought pizza for the club.  Thank you very much.

  • Gary said that he has already sold 6 tables for the show.

  • It was decided to make approx. 50 buttons.

  • David needs additional room at the photo booth.

  • Lucas will announce again.

  • The 50/50 netted $25.00 for Lary G, which he donated his $12.50 back to the club.  Thank you.

  • There are no sponsors on the front of the plaques, so Ann will print labels to put on the back with the name of the sponsors.

  • The meeting was adjourned and some discussions went on for another 30 minutes or so.

September 17, 2017


In Attendance:
[As per usual, a lot of people showed up way before the meeting time and a good time was had by all (LOL)].
Michael F., Lary G., Virgil H., Lucas H., Patrick & Ann H., Alan I., David K., Nick K., Gary P., Lynn P., Suzy T., & Joe D.

  • When the meeting came to order it was decided that Lucas would make 40-50 buttons for the show.

  • The members were informed that there are new plaques for the upcoming show.   I will make labels with the sponsors and put them on the back since I neglected to allow time and space to get them added to the front of the plaque.

  • Michael brought 4 prizes to be raffled off for the 50/50 and we had $30.00.  The winner was Lary G., he donated the funds back to the club.  Thank you, Michael and Lary.

  • We have the revised flyer for the show.

March 19, 2017


In Attendance:
[Most of the members showed up way before the meeting time (2:00 p.m.)]
Frank B.,  Michael F.,  Lary G.,  Gilbert Fam., Virgil H., Lucas H.,  Patrick & Ann H., Wayne M.,
Gary P., Suzy T., Nick K., Jody & Bill S.

  • David K. brought CD's from the show to hand out.

  • Anthony was not here today as he is under the weather.

  • Lary sent photos and info to the Skagit Valley Herald for publishing, but his regular contact person is no longer working there.

  • We are changing Powder Puff to Motorcycles in Class #26 with the restrictions of 2 wheels only, no sidecars.  The flyers will have revised edition at the top to identify the change.

  • No meeting in April, next meeting is on September 17, 2017

February 19, 2017


In Attendance:
Gary P.,  Wayne & Cayden M., Nick K., Alan I., Virgil H.,  Lucas H.,  David K., Lary G., Jody & Bill S., Patrick & Ann H., Frank B., Eddie, Sofy & Nyah G., Anthony S.,  Suzy T.,  & Bruce R.

  • We made one change on the new flyer in class #25, we extended the years.

  • The raffle netted $28.00, Patrick gave his share back to the club.

  • All the job assignments were given out and everyone knows what to do.

  • Let's hope for another year of lots of modelers and models.

January 15, 2017


In Attendance:
Frank B.,  Michael F.,  Lary G.,  Gary P.,  David K., Lucas H.,  Bruce R.,  Virgil H.,  Lucas H.,  Lynn P.,  Anthony S.,  Bill A.,  Patrick & Ann H.,  Alan I.,  Suzy T.,  Jody & Bill S.

  • At the show Lary will bring two chips to take pics.

  • The ad in the Skagit Valley Herald & 360 Mag will run for two weeks.

  • Best Truck for 2018 will be changed to Big Rig class only.

  • Keep the hardcore judging to the builders.

  • #18 to Muscle Cars 1972 to Present Day.

  • The raffle netted $25.00 with $12.50 going to the winner Lucas H.

  • The meeting came to a close but a lot of people stayed around and were still talking models at 3:45 p.m.

December 11, 2016

In Attendance:
Frank B.,  Michael F.,  Lary G.,  Virgil H.,  Lucas H.,  Patrick & Ann H.,  David K.,  Nic K.,  Gary P.,  Lynn P.,  Suzy T. & her brother,  Jody & Bill S.
  • The Raffle amount was $31.00.  Gary was the winner of $16.00

  • Still need to figure out how to post to Model Cars Mag.

  • Voting will be shut off at the time listed on the flyer.

  • The ballots will be given out at 11:45 a.m. and announced that they are ready to be filled out.

  • Entry deadline is 11:30 a.m. and judging starts at 11:45 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

  • Thank you to Virgil Hawbecker for going to a couple of sponsors to collect.

November 20, 2016


In Attendance:
Frank B.,  Michael F.,  Lary G.,  Gilbert Family  Virgil H.,  Lucas H.,  Lynn P.,  Anthony S.,  Nic K.,
Bill A.,  Patrick & Ann H.,  Alan I.

  • For the show the voting should start at 11:45 a.m. so we can get out on time.

  • Club members and vendors bring one model each for the raffle.

  • Patrick will collect the models from members and vendors.

  • We need someone to take pictures during the show of the cars on the tables.

  • The newspaper wants the winning person, vehicle & Plaque for the winner announcements.

  • Discussed on how to post pics and flier on Model Cars Mag. website.

  • Raffle $21.00.  We raffled off the rest of the last posters that Michael Fitzgerald donated a couple of meetings ago.

  • Money was donated back to the club.